Technology improves in society every day, and now it makes more of an impact on education than it ever has in records. The effect of technology significantly changed the way students study inside and outside the school room. maximum materials and assignments are actually introduced via the internet.

In the district, school students use a platform known as Myolsd, in which they can access tremendous substances which benefit their studying which include Schoology, PowerSchool and library assets.
Myolsd is an online student portal created by Olentangy school district for their students and staff members in order to establish online education in the school premises.

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Myolsd consists of different learning elements such as Schoology, Google Apps, Microsoft Office Suite and many more. These learning elements help the students to learn all essential things without interacting too much with the faculty and staff members. The Olentangy school district operates numerous schools divided into separate level such as an elementary, primary and secondary level. My olsd has all essential study materials that could help the students of all levels to comprehend their courses.

About Olentangy School

Olentangy is a school district which is established in Delaware country and captured 95 square miles of land with schools which includes different levels like elementary, primary and secondary. The school aims to provide quality of education for every student. It is one of the rapidly growing schools in the southern Delaware country of US. As education is the major priority for every school, Olentangy school took this concern to another level and initiated an online learning portal for the students called Olentangy School.

Not only students but also the staff members can use the My olsd portal to manage the students work status in real time with interacting to them directly. This has also improved the way of teaching. Using Schoology at the elementary school level is a tremendous resource that teacher can use to help differentiate instructions to meet all of their student's academic needs.

The different components of Schoology like quizzes, assignments and different discussion point allows students to access the curriculum inside the classroom as well as out, receive feedback on their work almost immediately and helps the teacher gaze where their students are on their academic spectrum.

Things required to access Myolsd

  • A computer or any internet-supporting device such as a mobile or tablet is required to access the learning portal.
  • Google Chrome browser is recommended for the fluent running of the tools inside the dashboard.
  • A login credential such as username and password provided from the Olentangy authorities.
  • Only students and staff members of Olentangy are permitted to access the online education portal.

Steps to access Myolsd

  • First, you have to browse from your web browser.
  • If any student is using this portal, he/she need to select the "student resources" from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the login details such as username and password.
  • Now, he/she can access the resource presented on the Myolsd dashboard to optimize their learning abilities.
If you are encountering any problem on accessing My olsd despite entering correct username and password, check the help guide.